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Elegibility Report

Monitor enrollment and disenrollment of any of your eligible member in seconds.

Capitation Payment SmartCap® Report

Register payments immediately and presents the provider and/or the group its explanation of payment with any established risk model. 

Quality and Metric Report

Monitor quality metrics and follow up on those members that must meet certain criteria for better health outcomes of your patients, provider and administrator. 


Start Rating | HEDIS Report 

CMS requires quality and highly sophisticated measures to ensure patient care and be able to measure the performance of the Medical Group and providers. We graphically present the performance of your physicians according to HEDIS metrics commonly used star rating.

P4P Report

The concept of “pay for performance” includes a set of different strategies aimed at stimulating the improvement of health care quality, remunerating healthcare providers according to their results in the fulfillment of predefined productivity targets.

Customized Reporting Package

Design your own reporting packages to facilitate and optimize your time according to your needs.

Utilization Report

Drill down from the general utilization picture to the particular of any type of claims.

Trend Analysis Report

Analyze and monitor general utilization trends based how your medical claims behaves in all lines of services as developed.

Start Rating
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