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About Us

SmartCap® is an application developed with the best technology to assure higher online accessibility and security of your data. It provides centralized information for  more control efficiency and a better performance. 


Monitor and manage every angle of your medical group, IPA, MSO, ACO and Health Plan. The general operation of the program is to enable our systems to develop the highest and specific criteria for assessing the payment of our suppliers, importing and converting the data sent to us by the different insurers in the country. 


It was created with the collaboration of experts with over 25 years of experience in the healthcare industry, to facilitate the process involved for a better administration. 

We currently manage

the information

over 850,000 members and

more than 15,000 PCP's and

Specialist Providers

in our platform!


We discovered the way to make the work of healthcare administrators and all decision makers, easier and faster. Through the development of innovative technological solutions we positively impact the experience of our customers, promote development of our human talent and generate opportunities for all our customers.


Be a model and the leading company, in development and application of the technology tools and dynamically evolving with the constant changes in the healthcare industry.

Corporate Principles

•  Continuous Growth
•  Competitiveness

•  Teamwork
•  Commitment to Human Talent and Customers

Corporate Values

•  Service
•  Quality

•  Integrity
•  Commitment

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